The American Shot – Cops Versus Crime

American Cops Shooting Criminals

Crime in America
Cops are shooting criminals in America

Thank you for visiting my site, which is dedicated to voicing concerns, and seeking improvements for the world through words.  I have been impacted greatly by what I see in America right now; racism, murder, manslaughter, rioting, thieving, incarceration, with many other forms of societal abuse taking shape.  It is looked upon as cops versus black people.  But, I feel it is more about recognition, respect, and opportunity for everyone.  Cops and citizens are dying because there is a false need for crime!  This compares to what happens in many countries.  I see it as no different than what happens in Israel and Palestine (We will observe Palestine as its own nation here).  There are many opportunities to embrace Palestine, but Israel chooses to not afford those concessions to them.  We will never understand why Israel chooses to not recognize them as a nation?  You were once not a nation, but are now viewed as one.  Why do you continue to defy Palestinian rights to exists?  Why do you build upon their land, in defiance of international desires?  These encroachments to life are everywhere.  Look no further than Crimea, in the Ukraine.  Citizens are dying because of political needs, with a complete lack of compassion for the Ukrainian people.  This is no different than today’s issue in America.  Black people want more from their country, and they want more to be done to help them achieve a new status.  Cops killing black people, and black people protesting and rioting is the outcome of societal issues with race, not racism from cops.  In this article, I look at how the killings could have been prevented by taking on a law-abiding roll in society, with understanding for the situation because of the negative environment which many black people live in today.

Peaceful Protest to Uncontrollable Riots

Death was not the only way for this instance
The policeman that murdered Eric Garner

The anger is targeted incorrectly in many of these protests.  We should not be focused on the cop that killed someone.  We need to look at the macro picture of why the individual is pointing a gun at a cop, or why the individual is committing crimes in the first place, which then leads to them getting shot.  Being a cop is a tense job.  You do not get to see your day through a crystal ball.  Instead, you are put in many uncomfortable situations, which create mistakes, self-defense, and dutiful protection of our cities.  Look at Eric Garner as an example; a man with 30 crimes committed in his lifetime, and someone that cops are tired of dealing with.  How many lessons need to be learned?  How many crimes need to be committed?  The office, Daniel Pantaleo, was a small man, that made a big mistake.  But, he was only wanting to control this huge man.  If Eric Garner did not move, he would be ok.  If Eric Garner was not a criminal, he would be alive.  His death is not acceptable, but again, we need to look at what could have prevented this.  Eric could have made better choices in his life, and he could have not resisted arrest.  There are many times when cops make mistakes and they need to be held accountable.  Look no further than officer James Forcillo in Toronto, Canada who shot a man 9 times that had a knife, and would not listen to him as he asked him to drop the weapon.  That cop was charged with second degree murder, so it is fair to say there is potential for justice to be served there.  Now more than ever we need to unite with officers, and work with them to better our cities.  Pantaleo should learn a lesson, but so to should all criminals that continue down an unjustified path.

America Needs to Unite with the Cops

Crime is happening everywhereIt is clear we live in a world that is full of scumbags that want to spread havoc within their communities.  I see it outside my door, and I see it online in articles.  There are many issues with this world, and the scum that live within it.  Scum is not a race.  Scum is a bad cop, and scum is a criminal that harms peace, causing cops to take action.  Many crimes can lead to being shot, as we have cops on edge, and criminals making bad judgements which precedes their death.  There are racist cops, racist citizens, and a judicial system that seemingly preys on blacks.  I do not hold ill-will toward any skin colour, as I know we are all one in this life, on this planet.  I do feel that we need more education though, ensuring that every kid is raised seeing equality amongst all races.  The inequality in America is what is causing the issues we are faced with.  These protests are not just about killing black men.  I see their value in a far greater sense – as conduits for social change to bring equality financially.  We can get there, but it will take education for all sides, and an emphasis on opportunity.  If we would all unite with cops, and work together to protect our children.

Removing Racism From the Picture

If we remove racism, and look at preventable measures to take to limit the deaths in America by cops, it is clear that we could reduce these deaths by being law-abiding citizens.  This is no different than Rudy Giuliani’s notion for New York.  We need change how we embark on smaller crimes, to alter the larger issues of murder and manslaughter.  If we reduce the crimes, and the need for cops to be dispatched, we will reduce the amount of people that die from cops shooting them.  The time has come to take the streets back.  We can look for peace by loving our families, and being good citizens.  That means: no stealing from stores, beating people up, robbing people, grabbing police officer’s guns, or anything else that goes against the code of being a good citizen.  Many of the incidents I have read about, where cops have shot a black person, have been the result of a crime, where the cop was responding.  Yes, we can say it didn’t deserve death, but it is disgusting to think that there are crimes being committed by someone in the first place.  Look at Tamir Rice; a 12 year old boy who aimed a pellet gun at a rookie cop, Timothy Loehmann, and was killed.  The squad car pulled up beside the Tamir, with veteran officer Frank Garmbackand in the driver seat, and Tamir pulled out a gun and aimed it at the officers.  What kind of parents would teach the value of this being the right thing to do?  I would have never aimed anything at a cop as a kid.  I knew the value a cop had, and that they are here to help me if I am in need.  America’s desire for violent television and the lack of parenthood lead to this boy’s death.  Right from wrong is a critical lesson, and it is horrible that Tamir is not with us on this planet, but this was preventable through better parenting.  This boy mistakenly aimed a gun at a cop, and in their haste, they decided to shoot because they felt concerned for their safety.  Do you really feel that the cops are 100% guilty here?  I think there are issues with anyone that says the cops are 100% at fault here.  They do not get involved in law enforcement for the sake of being racist.  These young men have people vouching for them as good people, that only want to protect the place they live in.

Michael Brown and Vonderrit Myers – Missouri Cops

Is it wrong for a cop to hunt a man down after an altercation that did not deserve killing them?  Yes!  We are not saying that cops never over use force, but I am saying that there is an issue with committing any offense in the first place.  Rid the crime and many of these deaths would not occur.  That does not make it right, but it proves there is something wrong with our society, and there is opportunity to repair the damage.  Look at Michael Brown; a criminal that made a mistake, and paid dearly for it.  He allegedly tried to grab officer Darren Wilson’s gun, started a fight with Darren Wilson, robbed a convenience store, strong armed the owner, and now we have a nation up-in-arms over this, without lookng at how this could have been prevented.  Nothing would have happened if Michael was a law-abiding citizen.  Don’t look at his like I am racist, rather, look at my statements as someone who feels there was a way to avoid this instance.  Look at Vonderrit Myers, who actually shot at officer Jason Flanery, and was then killed by Flanery in self-defense.  Why is there any need to try and hold the cop accountable?  Myers had gunshot residue on his hands!  Vonderrit’s family states he was unarmed, but evidence speaks the truth, so the fact remains that he was armed.  Wake up and realize that Vonderrit Myers would not be dead if he had not shot at the cop.  Michael Brown would not be dead if he hadn’t tried to grab a cops gun, rob a store, or inflict harm on Darren Wilson.  Vonderrit Myers would not be dead if he had not shoot at the officer.  Whatever the instance, in many cases there is something that precedes the death which causes hysteria for this nation.  These men should be alive, and there is a big issue with them being dead, but we have to stop the impetus of their demise in order heal our cities.  This is not about saying they deserved it, it is about stopping it from happening again by focusing on social necessities.

Shooting at Cops is Wrong

Look to the cop in Florida, where he shot and killed a man that reached for his gun first.  In many of these instances, there was precipitating crime, which led to the killing by a cop.  My belief is that if you stay away from any crime, you stay away from a cops gun.  Don’t hate on the police who try to save.  Instead, we should try to be inclusive and help the cops do their job.  I do not understand why some of these names are even being mentioned as reasons for upheaval.  Shooting at cops is not the answer.  There is clearly a problem throughout America.  Between Ferguson, New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and Arizona we are plagued by gunfire between criminals and cops.  Here is a list of people that have been taken from society because we do not have the social conditions necessary to sustain life:

Tyler Stewart, Tamir Rice, Rafael Ramos, Wenjin Liu, Ezell Ford, Michael Brown, Charles Kondek, John, Robert Street, and David Payne are just a few of the people that have been killed within recent weeks at the hands of gun and crime.

The Real Issue with the Streets

There is something deeper than these deaths.  There is a crime far superior that must be rooted out.  We need more inclusion for sure, and we need to work together to ensure that there is no need for any crime.  There is anger out there, and the solution is possible to achieve, but there has to be be a means for it.  We all need a chance in this world.  I feel strongly that this backlash is the lack of equality that exists in america.  What actions are we taking to improve social conditions for black people?  The math is simple; black people account for 30% of the total population, and 60% of the prison population.  It doesn’t take a math whiz to see that change is needed.  If we can start to remove the “street mentality,” the “hustle,” the “grind,”, and all of the other terms, we will have a chance at reducing murder by cops and criminals.  With parents in the picture, we have a chance to share love, and allow kids to grow in a fostered environment.  I guarantee there is no chance these deaths would happen if there was 100% inclusion in society, and great parents that can give a great life to their babies.

We can move to a better society when less crime is committed, cops are less needed, and the world realizes that we can work hard to achieve instead of committing crimes to achieve something we feel we cannot attain otherwise.