Why Articles of Justice? We Bring Social Justice to Victims

Background and Basis for Articles of Justice

Criminal justice rests with you
Articles of Justice

Articles of Justice was created in 2010, under another site, called Shaming Scumbags.  Our sole focus was to allow readers to speak their mind on cases they related to.  The crime articles we wrote were focused on the victim getting revenge through words.  I was shocked to see that people would use my site as a place for refuge in thought.  They could anonymously share insights, and do so without moderation. My focus was to shame criminals, and give a voice to people that wanted to put their two-cents in.  Now, it is time to upgrade the technology that drives my idea, while hoping to captivate even more viewers.  With your insight, we can help clear the clouds.  We can truly brighten the lives of others, before they know it.  Don’t be silent!!

Stop Crime Before it Continues

Articles of Justice  continues to seek shaming the bad people in this world.  But, we are taking it one step further this time.  We will now be relentless in our coverage.  Many crimes are reported as charged, but here, we want to report as you feel victimized.  Has someone harmed you?  Do you want to shame someone for the wrong they caused you?  If so, this is the place for you.  The goal is to stop criminals in their tracks, without the necessity of law.  Many times, we cannot even afford to go to the courts.  It costs over $75,000 to officially go for a malpractice suit within the court of law.  Since the courts cost too much, you should join me here in the fight to stop criminals.  We need to get their names out there ASAP.  Don’t wait.  We see what happens when people get away with crimes for years.  They harm more people, and become relentless in their pursuit of selfish actions.  Make your story known without saying your name!

 Why Crime Continues

Crime is repeated by culprits because they get away with it.  Offenders are usually known to be criminals by multiple people, but nobody says anything because of fear.  I want you to feel ok to step forward by knowing that when you ask us to take on your campaign, we are doing so in the name of potential future victims.  We are here to help you on your mission of ending the crimes.  We want you to seek your revenge while getting justice.  It is very clear that this is what you deserve, and this is what we will deliver.

Look no further than current cases.  Look at the Jian Ghomeshi saga; someone who has been in the spotlight for years, but his behaviour was allowed to continue because nobody was willing to come forward.  His alleged crimes have now been stopped with the advent of news.  This is exactly what I want to bring you.  I want to deliver your news in a secret manner, so that we can warn people of your experience.

What Do We Need to Help?

It is critical that you send us details of the crime.  We need to know as much as possible so that we can be confident in being able to help you.  We want as many details as possible so that we can ensure the accuracy of your story, while also being able to share more insight about your experience to help others.  If you have names of the criminals, this is most important, as we want to ensure people know who we are dealing with.  If you can send in supporting documents of the crime, this to will help.  Please note that we will be relentless in our pursuit of justice for you.  Alleged crimes with a bit of evidence or supporting documents are all we need to feel confident in helping you.

How Do We Seek Justice?

Justice to us involves social media, articles, movies, and discussion.  Once your story is analyzed, we will create a digital campaign that will put your privacy at the forefront, but your desire for retribution right beside it.  Justice shines through once we use these methods in action.  We will use them all to ensure that people know about the culprit behind your pain.  We know there are criminals out there that skate through life.  Your information will allow us to warn the world of these misaligned individuals that cause so much grief for our planet.  Again, you do not need to deal with a trial or charges, to help people to avoid the victimization you felt.  There is a lot in this world that is hidden from reality.  Don’t allow your silence to be another’s impetus to them being a victim.  Rise up and join us as we destroy the names of criminals that still walk the streets.

A Big Thank You From Your Justice Team,

Articles of Justice