The Murder of Barry Sherman – Apotex

Barry Sherman and Apotex Murder

We don’t need to write lies to attain attention. Let’s focus on the truth. Barry Sherman was the founder of Apotex, which was founded after he purchased Empire Laboratories Ltd. in 1967. Let’s face it, this man was brilliant and he loved helping Canadians to be their best. He knew that he could carve a niche in the pharmaceuticals industry. Sadly, he paid for it with his life. The murder of Barry Sherman and his amazing wife Honey Sherman are grounded in the deceit, the lies and the need to be ahead of the game. This wonderful family has been brought to its knees because of the selfishness of others. Is success really worth it? Everyone that is seemingly successful, is suffering. it is clear that there is a problem and that we all need to pay attention. Successful people kill themselves, or they are killed in many situations. In this case, there is clearly a trail of murder, starting with two stories that are recently a part of the media scrums and computer pages. Let’s zero-in on these potential reasons for the death of this wonderful family.

Why were the Sherman’s found hanging, when their friends and family are convinced they were as happy as ever, with a new grandchild from one child on the way and an imminent wedding ceremony for another of their children. Not only that; Barry Sherman was just awarded the Order of Canada. There is no chance that Honey Sherman was murdered by Barry Sherman. There was too much greatness to celebrate.

In September, Barry was successful against a judicial bid from the Windsor brothers, where they attempted to take 20% of his company. The Windsor’s are in fact cousins to Barry. The judge was the 3rd to touch upon the case, detailing how it was an injustice for the Windsor brothers’ to think they were owed something. How is it possible that Barry Sherman purchases a company form their father in 1967 and then Barry owes them 20% of another company he created in 1974? I don’t think so. Was it the anger from losing the case that brought this moment of murder? We often see feuds like this end horribly. Money and family can in fact lead to murder. The brothers could have committed this act since they have a bond that would enforce their loyalties to each other while also giving them the manpower to commit such a heinous act. It would take two to make this murder happen, that is clear. The orchestration would have to be meticulous, but it is not out of the range of possibility to have two people in a house without a trace of their presence to be had. All it takes is the opening of a door, and anything can happen.

Barry Sherman Murdered Because of the Past

For sure, there was more than one person involved. You do not get the opportunity to overpower two people, with no signs of trauma to them, without multiple killers being present. If there is even one bruise on either body, we must look to foul play more so than what is being said right now. I was already reading about court cases that Barry Sherman was involved with. It turns out that Teva Pharmaceuticals may also have a beef with him. Teva is an extremely powerful company, with over $43 billion in yearly revenue. Who knows what connections they have, and who would be upset by the allegations hanging over Apotex. That story is a bombshell, with drugs, deceit, sex, and corporate espionage. Jeremy Desai, the CEO of Apotex was in a relationship with Barinder Sandhu, who was the chief of regulatory affairs for Teva. She was able to copy over 900 files to 10 different USB drives, sending them to Jeremy over the course of their relationship. Essentially, Apotex was able to be one step ahead of Teva Pharmaceuticals, simply because they knew all of their plans. Sandhu shared very sensitive information with Desai, which was undoubtedly shared with Barry Sherman. We hear of the great that Barry Sherman did. We hear of his wife Honey’s character. But, what could possibly of gone wrong? How is it that a man worth $4.77 billion is murdered alongside his wife? Stealing secrets in a multi-billion dollar industry can lead to murder 100% of the time. If it is not business, it is family.

This has the hallmarks of a very well organized murder, where it may be possible that professionals from an intelligence agency are involved. Shlomo Yanai was offered to be the director of the Mossad. Think about that. The CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals was offered to be the director of the Mossad! The company that Apotex is alleged to have stolen secrets from. Would we put it past them to be able to make this murder happen?

It takes a focus on the trail to find the reasoning. It is very obvious that these two circumstances are just a drop in the bucket compared to what actually is happening. Let’s ask ourselves some questions:

  1. What companies were involved in lawsuits currently being played out?
  2. What cases did Barry win?
  3. Who has been impacted negatively from Barry’s success?
  4. Who had the most on the line if Barry was still alive?
  5. What criminal activities was Barry possibly a part of?
  6. Where were the Windsor brothers the night of the murder?

There are some serious questions about the house itself. Why didn’t they have any cameras to help curtail any threats? It makes no sense! You are worth $4.77 billion and many people have an issue with you. You must have a camera setup somewhere. Clearly, from the first statements by the police, where it was mentioned as a murder suicide, there were no cameras in the house. I will never understand why some refuse to play the role of a current citizen that needs to be concerned for their safety no matter what.

The Sherman’s Case is not Unique

The plot itself is despicable. Purposely using ligatures to ensure no blood, then disguising it as if Barry killed his own wife and then took his own life. Very disturbing. Such a disgusting act. To try and blame a man on their own wife’s death is absolutely despicable. We need to find these killers, but sadly, we never will, most likely. Many times, they are not too far away from the family. Look no further than Glen Davis, killed by his own cousin. The trail doesn’t always lead to the unrecognizable, or hired hand.

It is tragic to think of the lives that have been touched by this murder. Toronto Mayor, John Tory was quoted as saying “I am shocked and heartbroken to learn that Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their home today. I have had the privilege of knowing them both well for many years.”

We must consider the love they had for their family and how important their children were to their lives’, but without a doubt, there are many people that were upset with this family. Nobody goes unnoticed, Nobody can be left unscathed. We must ask everyone the right questions, ensuring they had nothing to do with this murder. The reality is, this was done for someone that had the financial ability to compensate killers.