Boko Haram – The Bubble of Peace

The Brutality of Boko Haram

The War in Ngeria
Boko Haram is Losing Ground

Can you imagine a world controlled by the likeness of Boko Haram?  A place where there is only one God and evil cloaks the only ideology, killing everyone that opposes the belief.  This planet was never meant for one religion and the freedom to express oneself is inherent from birth.  The growth of this sect is an example of what happens when democracy is taken on by a nation, but it doesn’t find the right balance for its people.  We have to recognize that Nigeria was run by the military for 33 years, and the citizens wanted more say.  They were tired of being ruled by selfishness.  The people that joined this sect were also there in 1999, and saw hope for the first time with a democratically elected President.  Many contest the legitimacy of the vote in 1999, but it did happen, and was something that moved Nigeria away from a military dictatorship. When you have democracy, you must have an economy that can support it, and the citizens must find their way within an open door system.  The inequality felt by most pushed uprisings into the forefront.  People were hungry and vulnerable.  Boko Haram was created at that moment, but has moved from a supportive group trying to feed and shelter people, to a movement that slaughters innocence to takeover a country. With the onslaught of Boko Haram, we see pure evil taking everything they can from people that have done nothing to them.  Specifically, we need to protect the rights of women to be educated.  Women must also have the right to choose their partner in life, without the threat of death.  We must rid the world of extremism before it bursts the bubble of peace and destroys everything that we have worked toward as a civilization for thousands of years.  Most people would stand for peace, and living a justified life.  But, there is always a need for a polar opposite, so we can see what good actually means.  We, the people of noble actions are grounded in our beliefs from our parents, where love reigned, and education to be a good person was a part of everyday.  I am saddened by the fact that although we live this just life, we still see and crave the news that shows only death, and pillaging of our world.  Negative is something to talk about, and peace seems to only persist in the background.  I would never do what I see on CNN, but I am fascinated by the way CNN tells shocking stories and covers the peril of our planet like it’s a sporting event.  Thankfully it is just a TV station that I can turn off at any moment, seeking refuge in my love life, friends, or work.  Here at home, we have the odd murder, and many petty crimes.  Our local news represents negativity, and can make us sad when we start our day.  But, there is no threat to our existence as peacemakers in this nation.  Those that are murdered are usually caught up in the drug world, and have lengthly criminal records.  That is not to take away from anyone who has been killed while living a just life.  I am just focusing on the fact that many times we can choose a path in this country, where we have great chance at success.  This is the perimeter of peace.  Meanwhile, beyond these waters, in far off lands, there is so much hatred, and venom spewing from the hands and minds of people. The peacemakers cannot be peaceful, and their lives are constantly in jeopardy.  It seems that in these lands of trouble, it is a mindset that rules and creates negative.  A mindset amongst a group is deadly, and we see its capabilities with Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the many other factions that split peace and divide hope.  I hope for a day where we can eradicate the harsh followings of religion, where everyone lives for the common goal of living a fulfilled, peaceful life.

Focusing on Kidnapping Children?

Where does someone get the audacity to kidnap and murder children?  These psychotic men rule by gun and then attempt to declare religious control in the areas they pillage.  The true grounds for Boko Haram comes from their official name; Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, which in Arabic means “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad”.  How does the Prophet’s teachings and Jihad coexist?  Islam was originally intended to be a peaceful grouping of the Umma to create a community of brothers and sisters.  It has been twisted from the very peaceful roots, and distorted to be a mechanism of control outside of religion.

Did you know that their grounding is within fighting Western education in in places like Nigeria and Cameroon?  They have resorted to killing the children of their own brothers and sisters as a means to push the West away from their system.  There is no solution in that tactic, as the uprising against them will far outweigh their tactical operations being successful or not.  Nobody will buy into their dogma which erodes the existence of life.  The Boko Haram ideology does not support women having education in their version of Sharia Law.  I can see why you need to use a gun to promote your ideology through control, instead of democratic processes.  I am sorry Boko Haram, but there is no room for you, and you will slowly degrade yourselves, and then die off.  This is a part of the bubble that we get to live in; where peace outweighs death, and everyone has a chance to be something powerful.  These fighters are disgusting pieces of puke that kill, torture, and rape innocence, as they feel they are all-powerful under religious rules that should not exist anymore.  When schoolchildren were kidnapped in April of last year, many of the children that were rescued were pregnant already.  These sickos actually kidnap girls just to service their sexual needs, and do chores for them.  Time to put a bullet in your head Mr. Boko Haram fighter.

The West Profits Even More

Many Western companies are profiting from this fight in Nigeria and Cameroon, with arms and vehicles being shipped from all corners of the globe.  China, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Czech Republic, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates are a few of the countries that are profiting from the Boko Haram battle.  It is interesting to note that the West is the basis for Boko Haram’s deadly attacks, yet the West is generating massive income from their atrocities.  It is twisted to think that Boko Haram’s assaults are leading to more wealth for the nations they are against.  It seems that insurgencies like this seem to split, and then reappear with more support and weapons.  This vicious cycle must end, and can only do so if the true causes of the rift of settled amongst all parties.  The history of Boko Haram seems innocent enough, where they sought a community they felt was just, abiding by laws which they felt were Muslim, instead of those proposed by the West.  If we look at how Boko Haram became what it is today, blame can be put squarely on the shoulders of the Nigerian government, whom chose to battle them with force rather than gain an understanding of them.  The Nigerian government also allowed them to grow throughout multiple states, spreading their ideology, and gaining supporters that appreciated their willingness to provide shelter and food to citizens.  Nigeria was starving for earnings and food at the time, and this allowed a clean sweep of support for them.

We need to end the atrocities by shedding the need for factions.  If we had more inclusion from day 1, there would be no need to split up, creating your own institutions.  That problem is the spectrum is so varied now, that it is hard to account for all religious, and political ideologies within a democratic system.  Where there is one side pushing for certain change, there is undoubtedly another in the wings seeking to grasp power, instead of working with the current government for nationwide gains.  Boko Haram is a sick and twisted group that needs to be dealt with swiftly, so that Nigerian Christian’s and women can feel safe again.