Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin Murder

Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin Murder

It was sad to hear of the recent news of Andrew Gilchrist, and the battle he endured since the death of his two friends, Dylan and Oliver.  The confusion never ends for this case.  The circle of aimless blame takes us to the same place, but the rings grow bigger.  I cannot understand how we are still here, with no clues, no evidence, and nobody coming forward with their side of the story.  This is one of the stories that motivated me to write about crime.  The other is the murder of Alexander Christoff, who was allegedly murdered by Kelly Spackman, but he subsequently got off due to a lack of evidence.  How is it that I know 3 people who have been murdered, yet not one of the has found justice in spirit?  I am shocked that murders can happen, when we have the chance to focus on the betterment of humankind.  Before I get sidetracked, let’s focus on the Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin Murder.  This crime brought three generations of family and friends to lose their security in life.  Their souls have been stripped of pride, and replaced with fear.  Fear of the unknown, and agony in what’s lost.  Please put yourself in their shoes, and if you know something, you should somehow communicate it so that there is closure.  Closure does not necessarily mean jail.  It just means that someone had the courage to standup and say what they know; either through email or the courts.  Just send a message of what you know, and they will be grateful.

Toronto Unsolved Murder
Information Wanted

The rumours have swirled for years, but nothing has been concrete.  The randomness of this act is killing the chances of finding the killer.  How come, after all of these years, we have not been able to zero in on a shred of a lead?  We can only repeat theories, with no accusations.  How can someone possibly shoot two men, with the luck of them returning to drop off keys?  Can two men have their lives stolen over something so random?  When I made the decision to go down block A over block B, did I actually save my life?  These are twisted questions which we now must ask ourselves.

These men were only attempting to drop keys off at Andrew Gilchrist’s apartment that night.  They left first, but had to return after Andrew texted them asking for the keys.  Upon their return, just after sharing a laugh, someone walked up and opened fire.  If they had already left, this could not have been targeted, as they would have been shot when they motioned to leave the first time.  This randomness is the issue.

The Killer’s Friends Need To Come Forward

Whoever did this is clearly the pathetic type, who has no courage to standup for themselves.  Most likely someone that has commonly been the brunt of the joke.  He clearly has no intelligence to fight with words, but is only guided by hate and vengeance.  Someone that functions for causing harm, is already dead themselves.  It is the people in his circle that have the chance to come forward and let the families know what happened that night.  It is impossible for someone to bottle this up for this long.  Other people know this murder was committed.  Don’t let the law catch up to you, like it did for the friends of the killers of Christopher Skinner.  Don’t allow yourself to go to jail over this.

I would also like to remind you that there is a $50,000 reward for this case.  Set your mind free, and erase the guilt by coming forward.  I have worked closely with some people regarding this case.  If you have information and would like to share it, your information could be worth $300,000.  Please get in touch with me to find out more.  I am not a cop, but I can connect you to a large reward for your information.  

Attempts To Understand

Let’s assume that this person had to commit this senseless murder in order to join a gang.  Their “crew” or their “gang” would clearly know of what happened.  Word travels, and bounces from prison to prison, and block to block.  This was a very high-profile murder, where two boys were gunned down for no reason.  When there is no evidence, there are people communicating about their crimes.  They want someone to know what they did, as there is no other reason for the murder.  If there was a personal vendetta, that is different.  They would be comforted by the fact they achieved their plan.  But, since there is no vendetta in this case, this crime was committed for a purpose outside of relationships.  Their dirty work was for a reason, and that reason will one day be told to the right people.

The fact it has been talked about for this long, with zero arrests, means people are scared.  Time to tuck away your fear.  Karma will get you in the long run if you are shielding the truth.  You struggle everyday, and your life is shallow because you continue to choose to not come forward.  Take a stand right now, and allow the mother’s and father’s of Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin to have some peace in their lives.  They will never be able to enjoy the rain from inside.  They will never be able to enjoy a wave on the beach.  These acts of nature are always going to be moments of reflection on this unsolved tragedy.  Allow them to enjoy the gifts of the world one more time by telling us what you know.

People in the area blame it on homelessness, or poor people in the neighbourhood that rummage around looking for trouble.  The issue I have with this is the fact this person did not try to take any valuables.  Think about it – they would surely want to make some money from their crime.  They “accomplished” the mission it seems, and then took off into the night, forever.  Without money motives, the blatant disregard for life is so clear, that we must be dealing with the devil himself.  Someone that requires no altercation, no revenge, and no emotional connection to someone to have a desire to harm them.  We have all been in instances where we feel like “killing someone” but it is because of something they did; not something they didn’t do.  We certianly would not do it either.  It is an emotional instance where we are crazed, but then we calm ourselves back to reality.  This fit of rage that this man had is partly the issue for having no information.  Without calculation from the perpetrator, the police lack links for them to track.

The Toronto Police must find creative ways to overcome the lack of information.  They need to operate outside of their call of duty, by connecting with people on a different level in the streets.  If you ask me, I don’t think that cops are needed for this case to have the justice it deserves.  We merely need someone to share their insight.  Post you story.  It could be worth a lot of money, and will pay you back in karma for the rest of your life.

Did you ever hear anything about this case?

Have you ever heard suggestions of someone committing this crime?

Do you know someone from the area that may have done this?

Your information will be worth a fortune.  Please do the right thing and come forward.


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