Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Murders New York Cops



Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley

Eric Garner and Michael Brown now represent more than the need for change in they way cops handle vigilance.  The racism that people were fighting against for the last month, has spawned with the enemy of life, creating hatred from every corner, confusing the outcome of social change.  The pain that the Garner and Brown families are enduring is now mixed with the pain that people are facing in their hardships of fitting into society.  The psycho that killed Wenjin Liu and Rafael Ramos in the Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) neighborhood in Brooklyn was a zero in life, who was socially inept.  What a scumbag.  He was arrested 19 times in his life, and he shot his ex girlfriend before killing the two New York City police offices.  This sick bastard should have been sent to the gallows years ago.  The only issue is, how do you syphon out the bad ones, and ensure they are accountable to change before their ‘major’ event takes place.  Their were so many issues with this man that he actually tried to kill himself a year ago.  A pathetic human that failed everything he ever did had one chance to be the star, and he propelled his mindset to overcome self harm by ensuring he killed other people as well.  Brinsley’s own mother was terrified of her own son.  There is the first hint!  If you are a mother, and your son scares you, you should probably report them to ensure they get the medical help they deserve.  I was shocked to read that Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley’s mother felt he had undiagnosed mental disorders.  If this was the case, why wouldn’t she or someone else force him to seek help?

Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s Family

We have two young men that have been killed.  Their families try to create change by using their deaths as the crutch for social change. They have come out to condemn the killings of Ramos and Liu.  This should be their time to fight for justice for their sons, but instead, we have the selfish actions of one man ensuring that their fight is overshadowed by the murder of these two cops.  We need to ensure that there is no loss of focus, and that this cop killing does not spiral out of control.  If you feel your kid could possibly harm someone in retaliation for Garner and Brown, you must say something before it is too late.

The righteousness of Ismaaiyl never existed.  He may have thought he was doing something in the name of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, but the fact he shot his girlfriend before traveling to New York, proves his imbalance, and need to inflict harm, instead of fight for justice peacefully.  Ismaaiyl was clearly suffering from hallucinations, and voices.  This is the only rational way to explain his psychotic ability to shoot his ex-girlfriend, and then drive to New York and kill two police offices.  He was clearly having a major episode, and felt compelled to attempt kill someone he once cared for, and two officers.  Eric and Michael are now being used as scapegoats for mentally ill people to coincide their fantasy with reality.  Clearly, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley was not a normal man, who felt political motivations, and the need to distribute sane beliefs amongst the world.  This man was absolutely dismembered from reality, and coincided for years with psychotic tendencies.  We cannot say that this man was normal, we cannot say that he was ready to fight politically for what is his.  This man was deeply disturbed, and with his angst for humanity, he should have been locked up.

Murder of New York Cops

How does someone get arrested 19 times, and is still allowed on the streets?  Why do we support this?  It seems to me that perpetual judicial tendencies are only meant to enrich the system which they convict within.  Why would a judge seek their last gavel smash?  How could a lawyer aim to try their last case?  None of this would help them create a thriving career.  The system is only alive through its cyclical nature.  The cops need to arrest and the jails need to be full.  We can look to many murders where the perpetrator already had a criminal record that stretches beyond 5 crimes.  Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley was a disturbed criminal whom should have been in jail.  15 charges, that’s it.  10 charges, that’s it.  5 charges, that’s it!  You are clearly not going to learn your lesson if you have decided to commit 5 crimes in your lifetime.  There are many variables to these issues that plague the US.  The easiest target is that of the gun – why do we still talk about this issue after so many killings?  It will never stop, and we need to do something now, before the next Columbine, or Virginia Tech happens.  How is it possible for humans to desire guns?  I know of one case, Christopher Husbands, where this young man was just turning the corner in life, and then ended up getting a gun to protect himself from being beaten severely, again.  He is now in prison serving time for second degree murder.  If he did not have the gun, he would be much better off.  The same goes for cops.  If they didn’t use guns, they too would be much better off.  In London, England last year, there were only 8 murders.  A city of 8 million people had only 8 murders!  Why is that not talked about more?  In New York, with the same population, roughly, there were 2,245 murders in 1990, and there will be nearly 400 in 2014.  It is interesting to note the population similarities, and vast differences in murder rates.  Clearly, America fosters a murder culture, which can only be reduced by banning the manufacture of guns.  This will never happen because the lobbyists are the gun makers.  There is some sort of a chance though for tightening the grip on crimes with guns, so that perpetrators do not have the chance to commit crimes down the road.

Eric Garner and Michael Brown do not need to die in vain.  There is so much reasoning for letting their spirits continue to emanate purpose.  Their lives have touched millions of people around the world, and we still have the chance to use their experiences as the needed grounding for social change.  Too bad we have fools like Brinsley who feel it is ok to murder in their name.  I am confident that everyone will see through his stupidity, knowing that his life was ended man years ago when he decided to be a criminal, instead of assimilating with the joys of life.  Nobody will remember your name shortly, Brinsley.  You have impeded the peaceful marches, and selected to kill under the guise of peace.  You never represented social change you peace of trash, and I hope that you are burning in the ash of hell right now.  The affect is not always justified based on the cause, as is the case with Brinsley’s psychotic vigilante mission.  His basis was rooted in Eric Garner and Michael Brown, but his actions make him no better than a crooked cop.  But, we still must do something

Eric Garner’s death was declared a homicide by New York Coroners.  Although declared a homicide, this does not mean that someone can be charged with murder for the act.  Last I heard, someone was to be held accountable for any homicide cases.  I was shocked to hear that Daniel Pantaleo is not being held accountable for this.  Clearly he is choking Eric Garner, which is illegal for New York City Cops to do.  The little minded man found a way to sink his arms into a bigger man while four other cops engaged in the incident.  What a pathetic excuse for a cop, who makes the wrong decisions repeatedly, as proven with history.  Looks to me like we are dealing with a racist scumbag, that needs to be held accountable.

Death was not the only way for this instance
The policeman that murdered Eric Garner – Daniel Pantaleo

Wikipedia Article – Daniel Pantaleo

Pantaleo was the subject of two civil rights lawsuits in 2013 where plaintiffs accused Pantaleo of falsely arresting them and abusing them. In one of the cases, Pantaleo and other officers ordered two black men to strip naked on the street for a search and the charges against the men were dismissed

Does anyone else see that if cops start to get charged, they would be more controlled in their use of firearms?  It seems to me that they need to take that step to help quell the death that is happening right now and to ensure that there is no more murder from any cops or anyone that wants to associate with vengeance for the deaths of Eric and Michael.  Make the move and dedicate to cleaning up the acts of cops now.  The reaction on the street exists for a reason.  If officials do not do anything, they too are guilty of the outcomes.


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