Jian Ghomeshi’s Trial

Some of this article will piss you off if you feel Jian Ghomeshi is guilty, although proven innocent.  This article will upset you if you fight for women’s rights blindly, spreading your megaphone preaching across the land, even if it is not proven that they are guilty.  There are serious flaws in the justice system.  There are major issues with violence against women.  But, in no way will I just watch the bullying within public opinion attack our laws or individuals who are found innocent.  Jian has another court date in June for one more charge, but it is not likely he will be found guilty based on the same evidence that was presented in this trial.


Time and time again, celebrities have proven themselves to need the next high, the next challenge, with fulfillment from living on the edge.  Jian’s sexual desires were all three and he seemingly played a game with every chance he had.  I know of people that have the same sexual pleasures, and they are equally met by someone of the opposite sex that wants to play the same games.  Cleary Jian walked out on the edge to achieve the oddest desires we have heard of, but that doesn’t mean his name is the scapegoat for women’s rights.  He was found innocent of this crime, so you should show him a little more respect.


No Innocence Once Charged

Jian Ghomeshi walked out of the courthouse a free man, and now everyone that had vengeful words for him before, will do what it takes to hold him guilty in the court of public opinion.  It is disturbing to know that our judicial system is this broken.  He is innocent of all charges, yet he is still be held accountable for the accusations against him.  Articles are written as if he was found guilty, siding with the witnesses, instead of siding with his innocence.  I do not condone violence against women, and I certainly think accountability must be sought if a man is guilty of harming a women.  But, in this case, the facts are clear, and these women tried to meet with Jian after the alleged assaults.  Who in their right mind would ever do that?  I would imagine that they would never reach out to a man that violated their them so badly.  An email from one of the accusers, after the fact, stating they want to ‘get their ass kicked’ again!  Let’s face it, some people like rough sex, and are totally into that craziness.  I don’t think for one second that Jian Ghomeshi is not one of the violent ones behind closed doors.  He clearly needs to get buy-in from his partner as well.  I am confident that he pushes the boundaries to see if it is ok with his partner, gradually building up his actions to be more and more violent.  But, I am sure that along the way, these women were aiding his progressively violent actions.  I do not think he would hit someone out of rage, or if they were not going along with it.  I say this only because of the emails that were sent to him afterward.  If they liked it so much, why would they then charge him 13 years later?  There is a sense that justice was being sought by a few women that got closer to each other as years passed by.  They discovered how they could take a man down for being a prick, although he is not an attacker.

Jian Ghomeshi’s Next Steps

What does Jian Ghomeshi do after trial?  If you ask me, I would say, sue the crap out of the CBC.  In a world where innocence is never discovered once charged, we all too often see lives ruined before the chance to defend oneself comes to light.  I see CBC being sues for $30 million and I am sure that Jian will get at least $15 million as a settlement.  They defamed him, took away his employment status, and ruined his career.  The way they handled this in the beginning was garbage, as it seemed like they were not going to do anything.  But, when wind caught that The Toronto Star was going to release the story, they had to act quickly, so Jian was canned.  He should get his old job back, and have more power than he had before.  But, as we know, this will never happen.  He will be subjected to ridicule wherever he goes.  His path to freedom is a long way from over and with still yet another trial in June, the story will continue to unfold for the public to see.  Most likely, those charges will be dropped beforehand to spare the courts from the unnecessary process of finding him innocent again. Will Jian ever recover from a trial like this?

My Belief is Founded on Women’s Opinion Too

The two closest women in my life are sickened by the way Jian Ghomeshi is being scrutinized in the media since the verdict.  Get that, the two most important women in my life!  They know that this violence against women spin that special interest groups are pitting on this case, is absolute crap.  I am saddened by the voice of one person I heard, speaking about her experience as a rape victim.  She feels that there is no choice but to side with the accusers in this case.  But when a discussion came to light, she couldn’t relate to them re-contacting Jian after the alleged incidents.  No nobody would ever go back to fear!  Hearing them speak to me with such conviction about their stance on this is comforting to democracy and the rights of our citizens.  Black  Lives Matter is currently teaming up with other groups to use this case to build a voice for violence against women.  There is no room for the connection between the case and those groups, as the link is not proven.  I can imagine if there was a true link between violence and Jian Ghomeshi, but that link does not exist right now.  As of right now, he and the accusers had consensual sex.  I am sorry, but I will not stand for people trying to take away from our laws by lambasting innocence with intimidation.

Reaction From Maclean’s

Maclean’s ran an article talking about victims of sexual violence are attacked with words, and shamed beyond belief in the eye of the public.  They wrote the article in response to the Jian verdict.  I don’t think it is similar in this case, as to other instances.  The evidence suggests that these women were along for this.  Is Jian a male slut?  Yes!  Is he someone that would hit on everything that walked?  Yes!  We all know people like that.  We all have that perverted male that says ridiculous things to women in the hopes that they go along with it.  It is not right to make a woman feel awkward in the presence of a man, especially when it comes to sexual references to people we meet for the first time.  I just don’t see the connection in this case with other cases where women are shamed for coming forward.  They are not being shamed for what they went through, they are being shamed for their inaccurate statements to police.  When the police ask you if you had any contact with the violator after the attack, and you say “no”, that has to be the absolute truth.  Our minds would remember other encounters, the purchase of flowers, and sending explicit emails.  It was that missing sense of truth which took this trial in another direction.  The shame came from lies, and the shame came from conspiring.  Sending thousands of text messages to each other as co-accusers is strictly forbidden.  There are many women out there whom had run-ins with Jian, and they are clearly disgusted by his actions.  I truly think they have every right to be upset by the way he presents himself, and there must be something done to remove the twisted sense of sexual professionalism.  It is simply not right for someone to interview women with the intention of having sex with them afterward.  Perhaps there should be a charge related to such actions.

Zoe Kazan’s Interview With Jian

Actress Zoe Kazan has reported on her Twitter account about an incident with Jian, where he was interviewing her in 2013, he made several slime ball comments to her.  From what I gather in the Twitter posts, the worst of it came right away after meeting Jian before the interview.  He told her that she was “his type” and that she was “sexy” and “funny.”  Again, I do not think these are the actions of a professional.  He clearly has some odd sexual needs to fulfill 24/7.  But, I don’t think this makes him a rapist, and I don’t think we need to go crazy about these posts and how they make Jian out to be an ass.  Here is the feed below.

Not that I need personal experience to believe the women accusing Jian Ghomeshi, but let me say this: in 2013, Ghomeshi interviewed me (1/5)

Before we went on air, he told me I was “just his type.” “Funny, sexy, just the right amount of damage,” he said (after talking abt 3 mins).

This within the context of a professional interview, with producers in the room. I was shaken, but tried to hide it. Gotta be game, right?

Later he showed up @ party I was at & wdnt leave me alone. His unwanted attention made me feel like I’d “asked for it.” I felt dirty & sad.

I think of the way he made me feel, without ever laying a hand on me, and I tremble with rage for the women who were denied justice today.

My question is, what exactly did he say or do to Zoe Kazan at the party?  It is not too clear from the Twitter feed.  If he made a sexual pass at you and you denied him, but he kept coming back, then we have someone that needs to be dealt with swiftly.  It sounds to me like he had a crush on Zoe (evidently, very easy for Jian), he is a bit outspoken about it, and then everything turned out ok.  For someone to say “you are just my type” I do not think it is the end of the world.  Is there something else that he did to Zoe Kazan that day?  I just don’t see the relationship between the trial and this incident.  I myself would never speak that way in a professional situation.  But, guess what, women say to men all the time, ‘you are just my type.’  I don’t think they should go to jail for saying such, and in fact, I think we need to lighten up a little bit.

Posts like Zoe’s are happening throughout the world right now.  He is a slime ball that certainly has learned that he needs to approach women differently.  His interaction with Zoe does not make him a rapist or an abuser.  This is social media spew of anger.  I feel strongly that society needs to make some major changes to how we sexualize women.  There are major issues with esteem for women when it comes to not being able to live up to the sexual standards of men.  As a man, my insecurities come from a different place, but that pressure is still there, and it is hard to deal with it every day.  Jian clearly pitted women against the sexual standards and used his prominence to gain control over women.  He said things to Zoe Kazan that are wrong in a professional situation, and for that he should be reprimanded.  Zoe should have stood up and called him a pig right then and there.  We cannot be fooled by her sentence of “Gotta be game, right?”  You do not have to be game, and you can always make a decision to tell a man not to speak to you like that.  Your comments are too little, too late to have any impact.  More importantly, you should not be trying to parallel what these women are going through, or saying that their stories are true because of what you went through.  That is wrong to do as this man was found innocent.

Jian will have a job in the industry.  Although he will pay for his innocence daily, there is still a chance for him to pick himself up and move on.  He will not be the last one to leave the party.  His home will be his refuge and his mainstay for the next while.  But, at least he can try to move forward with the law behind him, without the bullying from the court of public opinion taking his whole life away.  Perhaps he can start to fight for women’s rights to not be abused.  There is a chance for him to turn this into good, but I don’t think it would be from rehabilitation, but rather for the sake of women everywhere.  He is not an abuser, but rather a nymphomaniac that was concerned about his next sexual encounter with every blink of his eye.

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  1. Good article. The accusers lied and colluded but that doesn’t seem to matter. They still scream for his head

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