Metrolinx is not Accountable when Overspending

Dear Ontario! The time is now to fight for change when it comes to spending. I feel this is critical, before our economy crumbles as we have to focus too much on interest payments on our debt. Do not think I am crazy. Think more of me for trying to impact positive change.

Here is the letter I sent to the leadership at Metrolinx on December 24th, 2016. No reply has been given yet, although it is a written principle that public servants reply to questions of taxpayers in good timing. Let’s see if this next step will help get a response. Here is to posting on a website, to make sure things happen. This is the list of people I sent the email to:

Chairman@metrolinx.comJ. Robert S. Prichard
CEO@metrolinx.comBruce McCuaig – Executive Assistant to Bruce McCuaig – Chief Capital Office – John Jensen – Executive Assistance to John Jensen – Chief Communications/Public Affairs Officer – Judy Pfeifer – Executive Assistant to Judy Pfeifer  – Chief Financial Office – Robert Siddall – Executive Assistant to Robert Siddall

I would think that based on my below questions, someone within the administration for Metrolinx would be able to get back to me.

Here is the body of the email I sent. I will re-send the email to see if we can get some progress.

Good Afternoon Bruce, Mary, John, Lori, Judy, Tracey, Robert, Andrea, and Robert,

I think it is important for all of you to be included on this email. It is paramount that you, the leadership at Metrolinx, take a hands-on approach to ensuring we are spending our money wisely. I do not think that is currently happening. I ask you to take the time to read this, replying to my questions so that I can be assured that we are in fact making strides to change the bidding, awarding, and bonus process for Metrolinx contracts.

Now more than ever, our province is in dire need of money management. Many contracts are way over budget, the wrong companies are doing the jobs, and quality has taken a backseat over the need to select the lowest bid. We are then also rewarding companies with bonuses that have no qualification guidelines.
I was researching contractors that bid on government contracts, only to find out that a company that you have hired for multiple projects, is in fact using multiple bids to win contracts. You might be familiar with A Plus Contracting Corp./Inc. and N.V.K General Contracting. In 2011, A Plus General Contractors bid on a project in Oakville to rebuild a yacht squadron seawall. It turns out that N.V.K General Contractors also bid on that same project, which is linked because the phone number for N.V.K is the same as PSP General Contractors, which is at the same address as A Plus General Contractors
Not only are they sketchy in bidding practices, but they are not qualified to do the work that you have hired them for. Take the Metrolinx Pickering Pedestrian Bridge for example; A Plus General Contracting was completely unfit for the job, yet they were awarded the contract. Are there demands on the bidder to prove they have done similar work before? Is it possible that a bidder could be selected simply based on price, even with zero experience, resulting in a catastrophe for the taxpayers of the province?
A Plus General Contracting also received a $686,000 bonus. I am not sure what for though. Is there any demand that the work be done properly, and even be finished, in order to receive a bonus? I would like to request that they be banished from ever bidding on a work project for Ontario ever again. They have taken advantage of a situation to enrich themselves, and they have been abetted by Metrolinx due to a lack of quality control over the awarding of contracts.
It is clear that there are many missing links to having a process that works for the taxpayers of Ontario. You should take action immediately to make some serious changes as soon as possible.
To review the questions I hope to have answered:
  • Were you aware that A Plus Gen. Contracting is potentially submitting multiple bids to win projects?
  • What accountability is there for someone at Metrolinx for hiring the wrong contractor for a job?
  • Is there a demand for bonuses to only be paid for good, finished work?
  • How did A Plus General Contracting receive a bonus for the work done on the Pickering Pedestrian Bridge project? What criteria did they meet?
In the more general sense, what are you doing going forward to make sure that we stop wasting money as has happened previously?
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I truly look forward to your consolidated response.
Best Regards,