The Murder of Barry and Honey Sherman

How Did Barry and Honey Sherman Die?

It is quite obvious that family and friends know it was a murder. The media wants us to wane in the wind while we go back and forth between the murder and suicide speculations of Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman. Let’s look at all of the sides involved to weigh what most likely happened to these two beautiful souls.

Barry Sherman makes it happen
The Apotex company built by Barry Sherman

Is it possible that Barry and Honey were killed to remove Apotex as a threat in the pharmaceutical business?

Sherman Murder-Suicide Theory

  • Barry was embroiled in a few lawsuits, which were damaging his image
    • Apotex stealing trade secrets from Teva Pharmaceuticals – Jeremy Desai
    • Ethics Commissioner,┬áKaren Shepherd, stating that Barry and Justin Trudeau broke the code of ethics by letting Barry host a Liberal fundraiser at his home while also being a registered lobbyist
  • There was a lot of stress to live a life of litigation – It has been said Barry was “a lion” and sometimes lions don’t tell their true feelings. He has been involved in over 150 cases!
  • Barry Sherman may have felt he was going to lose a large portion of his fortune due to lawsuits and what it could mean for his company

Sherman Murder Theory

  • The Windsor brothers, cousins of Barry Sherman, wanted to kill Barry and Honey as payback for 10 years of litigation that got them nowhere. When you finally realize it is not going anywhere, perhaps the ultimate payback is death.
    • They felt strongly about their supposed right to 20% of the Apotex fortune that maybe they would be willing to kill.
  • The Mossad – It is very possible that the Mossad had a hand in this directed by Teva Pharmaceuticals
    • Teva is an Israeli company that is closely connected to the Mossad leadership
    • Teva is heavily indebted and needs to secure market share
    • There is potential of an aggressive takeover bid that may not be stopped – Barry had no succession plan in place
  • They were found hanging from a metal beam over the pool. I have looked at the pictures of this beam and it would be very tough for Barry to get Honey in a position, plus be able to hang himself afterward. This certainly would take two people to be able to perform, especially since they were hung by men’s belts. Also, Joe Warmington has reported that their jackets were peeled back over their arms which seems extremely odd for Barry to do if he did in fact kill his wife.
  • To wipe out the potential Apotex stronghold, you wipe out both Barry and Honey.
  • Their family was growing, with a new grandchild on the way and a wedding upcoming too. This would be the most selfish thing possible to do. They simply would not have done it.
  • Would Barry really leave the company he worked so hard to build?
    • There was no succession plan in place either. How could he possibly have done this, knowing that his pride and joy company would potentially crumble afterward?

Sherman Double Suicide Theory

  • Honey had been in considerable pain as of late, due to surgeries and arthritis
    • It is possible that Barry and her had a pact to die in this manner as the pain was too great
  • They were “the lock and key” to each other. Perhaps they both felt each other’s pain that they were both going through. Honey’s physical pain, compared to Barry’s pain from stress

We will update this page as the story unfolds.

For now, it is clear to me that Barry and Honey were murdered. We don’t have much more to go on other than the circumstantial evidence of their lives.

2 thoughts on “The Murder of Barry and Honey Sherman

  1. the most obvious question is why would a pharma expert not use the most painless, accessible and easiest method available….a pill???

    1. Agreed, Anita. Very good point. I for one am convinced that it was a double murder. I am merely an internet writer, without credentials, but I do think it is obvious that there was a lot of hatred out there for Barry. The letter of the law can lead to trouble, even when you win your cases.

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