The Nunes Memo

Let’s keep the ball rolling on getting information out there regarding the Nunes Memo. In one moment we say Donald Trump is unfit for presidency, the next we think he has done a great job with the economy. One thing is for sure, Donald Trump is going to be the most controversial President of all time. The battle for news coverage and ad clicks are leading to a fierce battle opposing anything he does, all in the name of liberalism. Think about it. We just had the Nunes Memo released and many news outlets are denouncing it, rather than looking into the details and calling out the DNC for the crimes they have committed. The DNC to me is starting to look more like a two-headed monster than a legitimate political arm. You could even argue they are more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Either way, they seemingly commit crimes, while purporting to have an agenda for the people.

The Democrats are the Colluders

The policies of the democrats sit perfectly in the middle, where self-righteousness cannot be contested without scorn. The reality is, many people have felt and said the things that Trump is willing to come out with. I think there is some justification for people to be upset in many cases, but the reality is, something must be done to change the direction of America. I think there are many things that will come to light in the next 3 years that will prove Trump to be the most consistent and action oriented President that ever lived. Sadly, there is a barrage of negativity about him that swirls in the media because it makes media companies rich and they have a vested interest int he democrats being in power. Following the release of the Nunes Memo, I think it is safe to say that we live in troubled times, where collusion isn’t from outside of the borders. The collusion is at home, it’s reprehensible, and it shakes the very core of our democratic existence. When the policing agencies are conspiring to keep a party in power, we must be concerned. This is exactly what happened, and to this day, is probably still happening.

Let it be known, Trump is dealing with an onslaught of negative press that is fueled by the democrats and doused in fuel by the media arms like CNN. It is blatantly obvious that there is a planned approach to the rallies, the news coverage, the investigations, and many other actions taken. These events will lead to Trump being elected again. Although most will try to convince others that we must not elect him again because he is too close to Vladimir Putin.

The Nunes Memo Released

This memo seems to support the claim that Donald Trump is being railroaded by the DNC, supported by Fusion GPS, the FBI and the DOJ. Under the leadership of the FBI, the Steele Dossier was created. James Comey authorized repeatedly to surveil Trump’s campaign, under the guise of fake evidence, provided by Michael Steele. Let it be known, Michael Steele was paid by the FBI and Hillary Clinton! More specifically, the DNC gave him $160,000 to dig up dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign. These are serious allegations! You want to talk about alleged collusion between Trump and Russia? We should actually be more focused on the proven collusion between the DNC, FBI, and Michael Steele; focused on derailing the legitimacy of Donald Trump.

Here is my video where I read the whole memo to help get the information out there.

Nunes’ Memo Regarding Donald Trump’s Campaign

The reality is, we cannot trust the media or the investigations. It was very obvious to me that the DNC was targeting Donald Trump with this investigation. The best part is, the democrats laughed at Trump’s “Lock Her Up” moments. Clearly, Trump was just kidding, while Hillary is actually trying to lock Trump up. The extent of which will never be known, but thankfully there are connections that we are slowly revealing. This is not about the beliefs in Trump as a fit President. This has everything to do with due process, collusion between government intelligence agencies and the democrats, and the right that citizens have to be free from surveillance unless warranted by actions.

The FBI Needs to be Washed

It is wrong for the FBI to circumvent due process in this manner. Their liberal ties are clear, and concerning. We all know that there are many issues with the way Donald Trump has governed. He is a brand new politician, and he is trying his best to do what is right for the growth of a nation. We need to think about our citizens before we think of others. I think we will notice over time that he will learn, improve his presidential prowess, and be someone that accommodates everyone. But, we should not be so focused on him. Instead we need to look at the corruptness of the FBI, the DOJ and the DNC. It is blatantly clear that there is collusion at every level. We must find a way to cleanse the system. We must find a way to bring legitimacy back to these institutions.


FBI Logo and James Comey
The FBI logo Should Represent Integrity

Here is James Comey’s Twitter post where he denounces the authenticity of the Nunes Memo. Sorry Comey, but this document does in fact put egg on your face! You allowed for the surveillance of a US citizen for no reason, based on lies that Michael Steele, the FBI, and the DNC colluded on. We have already been down this road with Iraqi WMD’s before.


Something must be said to defend the nation. The whistleblowers are talking for a reason. There is a ton of corrupt BS happening in the US. I would love to get your feedback on the topic! Get involved. Post comments on my videos. Engage with me here! Let’s talk about this important issue.


*Featured image courtesy of Donald Trump’s Twitter profile.

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