Patrick Brown’s Downfall


The Political Downfall of Ontario

Ok, there we have it. Patrick Brown is alleged to have committed sexual assault on one girl, with allegations of sexual misconduct on another, power mongering and putting them into uncomfortable situations. One of the allegations is from over a decade ago, while the assault allegation is from 2013, when Patrick was serving under Stephen Harper. You cannot survive these types of allegations in the political world. Sadly, his career is ruined by unfounded allegations. It is sickening to see. Patrick has been forced to resign from his position, unjustly so, and it seems like the PC Party is now reveling in the opportunity. This was a shameful inside hit on Patrick Brown, so I will do what I can to focus on the story, giving Patrick a voice, while also reminding the public of the crimes that the Liberals have bestowed upon us for 15 years.

The Patrick Brown Allegations

The stories about Patrick Brown seem authentic, but I don’t know where I stand on the verdict. I mean, I am fairly certain that everyone uses their authority to meet attractive men or women. It seems that when asked to do so, Patrick Brown stopped what he was doing. I don’t think we can necessarily blame Patrick Brown for what happened. If he had done anything against their will, he has got to be locked up. It almost sounds like the 2013 girl is trying to say Patrick Brown and his friend plied the girl with alcohol. This is something that will be very tricky to prove. Yet again, we have an incident where the girl accuses someone of sexual assault yet goes back to them afterward. This is a very compromising situation for the girl, since it makes it seem like not much happened. Again, being drunk and having a guy try to have sex with you is not a crime. But, plying a girl with alcohol is where the issues arises. Plus she was very young. Sadly, he was a young man, of 29 years at the time of the first allegation. As for the second one, he would have been 35. This is the most troubling allegation, as it will be his word against hers. The best thing for Patrick Brown to do is to have the friend that was there with him, talk about the night, supporting his claim that he did nothing wrong. If his friend can attest to the fact that the girl was not wasted and that she was flirtatious with Brown while sober, there just might be a way for him to recover. But, who was that man that was with them? Would he be willing to come out and say something?

You have a rising politician, a man that seems to calculate his stance on issues, and he never drinks. I think that comes with a bit boredom in that package. The typical PC politician, with a boring life. This is not what the people want. In disguise, I think this is the best thing for the party. The PC’s get it wrong too many times. We don’t want a leader that is brought to power because the other candidate is so bad. A leader should be in their position because of their ability to make change, be a powerful representative of the people and usher in growth for Ontario.

This moment is a defining point in Ontario’s history. Below I will look at some of considerations the Provincial Conservatives need to account for to win this upcoming election. I also remind people of the corruption that the Liberals have been a part of since they have been in power. Choose your next Premier wisely. I would say the same for the PC’s, if you know what I mean!

We focus on the rebranding of the conservatives, the debt crisis, the Sudbury scandal, the fundraising scandals, the special interest scams, the blatant protectionism from judges towards the Liberals, the discredited accounting practices and many more issues that the Liberals have been a part of.

Ontario Debt Crisis

We are stuck. Our government has pushed us into a hole, where we are $312 Billion in debt. Our net debt has tripled since the Liberals came into power. I believe that someone else can lead us to a better place financially. Now is the time for us to seize the moment, building a trustworthy political future that is free from corruption and scandals. The interest on our debt is almost $12 Billion every year, making it the largest expenditure and the fastest growing expenditure. Time for massive change.

We now have the opportunity to find a new leader. Someone with charisma, eagerness to be honest and someone that is the perfect opponent to Kathleen Wynne. Andrew Horwath and Kathleen Wynne are both calling for Patrick Brown’s head over the sexual misconduct claims. Deservedly so. Thankfully, I don’t think it will hurt the party in any way. The PC’s can easily rebound. But the PC’s need to act now, and find someone that has a bit of empathy, mixed with financial courage. Enough with the boring Provincial Conservatives. We want change. I think we can take some key advice from the Donald Trump platform, yet have a candidate that is not embroiled in scandal.

Scandal. The operative word here. Here we have Patrick Brown, charged in the court of the public opinion with sexual misconduct, and then he resigns from his post. But, we have this nagging scandalous Liberal party that has conducted their affairs in a very shady manner, yet are never held accountable. Is sexual assault worse than the assault on our province? Is crippling our economy at a lower level than sexual assault? These are just questions, not my stance. Of course they are no better, but we must also hold the Liberals accountable for the issues they have caused. I think we need to hold everyone accountable. If you make a mistake, confess to it and move on. This is something that politicians struggle with. They never seem to be able to admit to their mistakes. The Liberals somehow always find their way through the holes of litigation and shady backroom deals. If it weren’t for certain audio tapes, we might not know the extent of corruption in the Liberal ranks.

Rebranding the Provincial Conservatives

Let’s take this opportunity to find a leader that is the best potential candidate. We can’t just bring the old values back to the limelight. We have to make some considerable changes in order to win the hearts and minds of the public. Kathleen Wynne’s 16% approval rating does not mean she won’t win! What does the next leader of the Provincial Conservatives look like to me?

  • A fresh face, with amazing speaking qualities
  • The fortitude to be strong on financial issues
  • Deep knowledge of all of the Liberal scandals, with an ability to articulate their impact on society
  • There is a massive playing field of issues for the Provincial Conservatives to choose from – What does that story look like
  • The PC’s must bend to the new social norms – Liberals are getting votes from all immigrants – Talk to those people in order to win
  • Get over the pot legislation (federal) and talk about the benefits marijuana will have on our economy
  • Find empathy in the message
  • Focus less on basking, instead create a foundation for change

PC’ers must be proponents to these changes, fostering everyone in this province. The Liberals have the best field game around, we know that. They deflect, defame, and lie. But, the PC’s must find a leader that understands this current landscape. Creating black schools won’t do it! Selling beer in corner stores won’t do it! Look to the people for inspiration. Find a way to unify everyone against the ills of the Liberals.

Liberal Scandals are Rampant

Here are some of the issues that the Liberal party has had since being in power, to name a few. They have costed us billions of dollars. You should be mad. You should seek someone else to run this province.

Ontario Liberal Party Scandals

  • ORNGE Scandal
  • E-Health Scandal
  • Sudbury Bye-Elections Scandal
  • Auto Insurance Scandal
  • Gas Plant Scandal
  • Fundraising Scandal

Liberal Fundraising

Look at how they manage fundraising from large multinationals in Ontario. The ethanol scandal, with payment to companies, then payments back to the Liberal party. Billions of dollars distributed. Our tax money, which then partially gets siphoned back to the Liberal party.

There is evidence that the Liberals are making up events that never happened, in order to cook the books, and account for fundraising dollars. One event, on March 2, 2015, entitled “Evening wth KW” cost $10,000 a ticket. Eight people attended. The rest of the pricey fundraisers give no indication of which Liberals were the star attractions. That includes another $10,000-per-ticket event on Oct. 26, 2015 listed simply as “Evening Event,” attended by nine people, and an Aug. 24, 2015 “Evening Reception” at $9,975 each for the seven ticket-buyers.

So unless the Liberals volunteer the information, we won’t know who paid $10,000 to be the sole attendee at a “Breakfast Reception” on May 13, 2015, nor which Liberals attended. Incredibly, there were 100 such private fundraising events! Let’s see some receipts, please.

The Sudbury Scandal

We should all know of this one! Ontario Provincial Police laid bribery charges under the Election Act against two provincial liberals, including Premier Kathleen Wynne’s former chief of staff.

Ontario Liberal party CEO and 2018 campaign director Pat Sorbara and Liberal operative Gerry Lougheed both face bribery charges in relation to a 2015 Sudbury by-election.

The charges laid by the OPP stem from allegations that Sorbara and Lougheed offered a would-be candidate a job or appointment so he would step aside. Let’s note, we had all the evidence we needed!

“But one very unusual thing about this trial, is that thousands of Sudburians have already heard one of the main pieces of evidence: the taped conversations where Lougheed and Sorbara tell former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier about the opportunities that might be opened to him if he steps aside for Glenn Thibeault.” – CBC

“I have come to you on behalf of the Premier.” Remember those words! Lougheed and Premier Wynne spoke about this issue clearly. These orders came from Premier Wynne!

Premier Kathleen Wynne said yesterday that Pat Sorbara would step aside as party CEO and campaign director once charged. Isn’t it about time that a leader actually stepped down? Why do all of these people protect their leader? Wynne is clearly a crook! It is so sad that a government would push someone aside for special interests. Here is where the bullshit comes into play, Gerry Lougheed and Pat Sorbara’s charges are originally stayed! But, new charges then come under the Elections Act, where Sobara and Lougheed are charged with bribery. Lougheed’s tearful response came across in a very whimpering manner. You don’t get to cry crocodile tears to try and sway public opinion when you are in the wrong. The minister should have stepped aside as soon as the issue came up. Sadly, this case never got the legs it deserved. Judge Howard Borenstein took the stance of acquitting the Pat Sorbara and Gerry Lougheed. This ruling is a complete joke! They are on tape, clearly pressuring Andrew Olivier to move aside to make room for another candidate. They are clearly bribing him. Something is not right with this decision. 

Who is Judge Howard Borenstein?

So this judge finds a way for the Liberals to worm their way out of scandal. You don’t have to look far to see his connections to the government, though. in 2006, he was appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice. He was appointed by Michael Byant, a man with Liberal connections, acting as the Attorney General from 2003 to 2007. How is it possible to have a fair trial if the Liberals are the ones appointing the judges. Extremely shady, and not something we can accept.

Yet again, the Liberals escape justice. We have audio recordings of Pat Sorbara and Gerry Lougheed bribing Andrew Olivier, yet nothing came from it. This Province is corrupt at all levels and it’s because of the Liberals. The time has come to clean house. In fact, that’s what the PC’s slogan should be for 2018. Sadly, both Lougheed and Sobara don’t understand the issues. They don’t get that we deserve better from them. You are on a recording, breaking the law, yet you feel we are the ones overreacting. You disgust me!


Pat Sorbara’s Tweets

Here is a perfect example of how politicians think. Again, the audio tapes are clear, yet Pat Sorbara has the nerve to talk about politics in this light. Also, I do enjoy the subtle jab she takes at Premier Wynne. “You serve the pleasure of the leader.” This is a very interesting statement! She could have said, “it was a joy to serve my leader, Premier Kathleen Wynne. But no, she opted to poke at her former boss. Remember, Lougheed said that Premier Wynne knew!! Sadly Pat, you did not get a retweet from Kathleen Wynne on this note you made! I wonder why?

Liberal Accounting Ethics

Provincial government’s financial statements are becoming increasingly unreliable. Thankfully, we have a safety net in place that allows us to have insight into accounting practices. Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk has warned Ontarian’s that the wool is being pulled over our eyes. Seemingly, our government has a balanced budget, but the reality is far worse. We cannot paint pictures with a faulty brush that cloaks the truth.

Here are some of the points that Bonnie Lysyk brought to light:

  • Use of non-standard accounting practices
  • Could throw the balance off by up to $4.5 billion dollars
  • The government claimed ownership of two mutual funds, totalling $12 billion in assets. They have no legal authority to govern those books, and they cannot use the money listed
  • Didn’t include the 25% discount on hydro the government gave to customers

Think about this for one second. The Liberals deliberately opted to change their accounting practices to falsely report the numbers. It would have been a miracle for them to actually of had a balanced budget. It would be the first time since they came to power fifteens years ago. Ask yourself, what type of financial obligation does the government have? Reporting revenue that is not there’s will not lower the debt. It will actually make it worse in the long run. Also, it would eventually push for the government to spend more money, as they could seemingly have a surplus one of these days, but that surplus would be a falsehood.

It is imperative that we use standard accounting practices in this province. Otherwise, we are voting politicians in for reasons that are unfounded, and based on lies. Here are examples of tweets from our Auditor General. Is this not an issue to people? She is clearly telling us that the government is obscuring the truth in order for us to believe something different.




Think of the Spring Election

When it comes to the spring election, be mindful of what the Liberals have done to us. Think about whether or not the Province is run the way you would want. Consider the amount of corruption that has embroiled their tenure as out leader.

When is enough, enough? We all must face our punishment for crimes committed. If our government acted indecently, it is squarely on our shoulders to do something about it. How many bullets can the Liberals dodge? How many times can we sweep corruption under the rug?

If you are with me, please comment and share your views. We have the time to amass greatness.

We certainly have an issue with the PC party. They need to make drastic changes, but don’t be fooled, this moment is something that can help them. Patrick Brown is not the party. The PC’s can recover, but they need to act swiftly, bringing someone in right away that has the power to lambaste the pathetic Liberals. This province is sick and tired of their deceit and we need to set the bar fro a higher standard.