The Patrick Brown Downfall is Wrong

The Liberal Party has clearly had their hand in the Patrick Brown downfall. Perfectly executed news conferences, two women coming forward just before an election, and all of this just after David Livingston was convicted in the gas plant scandal. It is so disgusting to me that we have yet another man that loses everything he has over the court of public opinion. No proceedings, no due process, just allegations, the media, and our venomous reaction. This has got to change. We cannot continue to hang people without their chance to fight the allegations. Rules must be put in place to protect everyone from accusation without the police getting involved. Sexual harassment and sexual assault cannot become a political tool, which is happening time and time again. Even if 5% of all allegations are untrue, as nice as it is to have 95% correct, there would still be 5% of accusations ruining lives for the sake of political gain.

Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown needs to talk to save himself

If I were Patrick Brown, I would go straight at them all with everything I have. The girl never said that he knew she was underage drinking. Perhaps she comes across as a bit older than she actually is. This story rubs me the wrong way. At an after-party in a now-closed local nightclub, The Bank, the woman says Brown and others provided her with a string of free alcoholic beverages. She was by then legal age. What does she mean by “Brown and others”? It seems to me that she is implying that they meant to get her drunk. When I was young, I didn’t need anyone to help me get drunk. We just always sought the next beverage because we wanted it. It is quite disturbing that she is conflating the fact she was drinking and that Brown was plying her with booze. Not anywhere along the way does she say stop. She doesn’t even remember what Patrick said to her while she was with him in his bedroom. She simply thinks he said this or that. She was of sound mind and decided to commit to a sexual act. No laws broken! Her foggy memory proves she has an issue with interpreting the actual events. So Patrick Brown picks her up at a bar, she is drinking at the bar; is it not safe to assume that she is of legal drinking age? Also, when I was a teenager and going to someone’s house for an after-party, we were searching for booze, not waiting until someone provided it. Is it possible that she quickly asserted her need for booze at his house? She probably actually brought it up while they were in the car. I know I would have. Nowhere within these allegations does she talk about an assault. Here are her exact words: “It was like a controlling thing…like I just remember I wanted to go, but that wasn’t happening.” What does that even mean? Did you say you wanted to go? Did you move him away from you? Did you bite his penis off because he wouldn’t let you leave? “It was a controlling thing” is a statement of physical actions, yet she does not describe any actions that Patrick Brown did to force her to stay. It almost sounds like she is talking about something she felt in her mind, yet she never stated it or did anything to convey the sentiment. Yet again, a man falling prey to loose stories, foggy memories, and allegations of conduct that is not illegal.

What Would Patrick Brown say About the Night?

Patrick Brown needs to come out and give his version of the events. Forget about the typical ‘I can’t speak because I have a lawyer involved.’ He needs to talk and tell us exactly what happened that night. Was she drinking on her own accord, or was he plying her with booze? Was she actually lying on his bed motionless or was she into what they were doing? Did she seem wasted at the time? Also, the next summer when she chose to work with him again, was she complicit in the conversations that were sexual in nature? Did she egg them on? Was she exchanging words with him that led to his responses that were somewhat sexual? We might not ever know, since Brown states he has a bad memory and clearly the woman that came forward also lacks having perfect memories of what happened. Sadly, we have multiple lives impacted by this situation, yet of course the galloping horse gets to trot their way into the sunset, with a hope of victory in the next election. Not so fast, Crooked Wynne.

Kathleen Wynne, the Opportunist Scumbag

Kathleen Wynne
Kathleen Wynne, the crook, during a meeting

Kathleen Wynne, the Supreme Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, yes the one that is embroiled in so much controversy it hurts to even look at her face, claims that ‘we need to protect our 12 year olds, and provide them a safe place.’ What an absolutely disgusting statement. She is trying to coincide Patrick Brown with a child rapist, which is not at all what he is. He never did anything like that, nor would he ever do anything like that. She also claimed, “this is not about politics” when she did her 10:45 AM news conference the day after the allegations came to light. Do we really think she means that? If that were true, why are you on a podium immediately afterward, with a polished speech? We must always remember who the Liberals really are. See our other story, here.

We Need to Make Changes

In the end, this is a disturbing climate that we live in. The police are marginalized, as you don’t need the police to get the results you desire anymore. If you want to levy a punishment, you can do it yourself. The court of public opinion is far more powerful than the police right now. Think about it. No charges, no evidence, no jury; yet, the allegations hold the weight of a Mack truck plowing into someone’s face. You can destroy someone maliciously and it doesn’t cost a dime. You can ensure a lifelong punishment that will never go away. It could be for political means, personal vengeance, or something that actually deserves punishment. I just think we need to take a step back and think about what is on the line. We need to truly understand the facts before we judge. We need to have some sort of mechanisms in place to protect the accused. It is not right to have people die by the stake without due process. Women need to be heard for all of these allegations, but in no way can we allow the press to control the outcome when we are talking about someone’s life.

2 thoughts on “The Patrick Brown Downfall is Wrong

  1. Let me start off by saying that I don’t know Patrick Brown, his character, his history and that he might be in fact a total turd (I mean most politicians are .. so he probably is?) .. nor do I know the character of the 2 unnamed women that accused him of making sexual advances 10 years ago when he was 29 – 34 and they were supposedly 18 or 19 ..

    I might understand what it’s like to be discriminated against but I definitely do not profess to understand the plight of women, nor do I really understand what it’s like to have to grin and bare it in the workplace .. I’m sure it happens in some work circles (the equivalent of the old boys club) .. I just don’t have first hand knowledge of it in my workplaces ..

    I’m even OK with the pendulum swinging so far the other way that men are Presumed Guilty until Proven Innocent .. this is a short term issue for our society and within 12 – 18 months the pendulum will swing back towards the middle and we will eventually get it right ..

    What I do have an issue with in this specific Patrick Brown case .. is that he was months away from being elected Premiere of Ontario .. and the timing of these allegations (from 10+ years ago) by Unnamed Sources have ended his Career and probably his Life .. Very Very curious timing .. What if these anonymous accusers were politically or financially motivated.. what if they had a vendetta against him or his family and it had nothing to do with any sexual advances or sexual misconduct? Why aren’t they stepping up and saying #MeToo???

    Now if his accusers came out in public and told their stories, indicated that a crime was committed, withstood scrutiny and a police investigation coraborated it .. then Yes he deserved his career and life to be ruined .. But according to the lame stories that are being propagated on TV and in newspapers .. this maybe an exercise of poor judgement and cradle robbing but it doesn’t sound like any crime was actually committed .. so no crime .. no police investigation and no scrutiny (interesting) .. just lame accusations by unnamed sources that resulted in his political assassination!!

    We are now programmed to think that if the news said sexual misconduct then it must be true and that the man must be guilty of the “sexual misconduct” and that he should be put away ..

    But even if you ignore the unnamed accusers part, the lack of investigation or public scrutiny .. and dig into the claims/stories themselves, this story is very different and actually very lame .. one accuser met him at a bar 10 years ago, agreed to go back to his place and they had concensual oral sex when she was 18 and he was single and 28 (poor judgement but no crime) and the other accuser worked for him and was drinking at a party at his house when she was 19 and he was early 30s .. she agreed to go up to his room to look at some pictures where he kissed her (or tried to kiss her) .. maybe he thought they had a connection .. maybe he thought she liked him .. maybe he thought there was mutual attraction? He was wrong .. she said “No I have a boyfriend .. please drive me home!” And he immediately stopped kissing her and he drove her home .. poor judgement in acting on your attraction to a young staffer but no crime was committed..

    So where is the story and where is the crime and why is this all over the news?? .. is the news that he was forced to step down by his lame caucus? Or is the news that he partied with 18 and 19 year old girls when he was in his late 20s early 30s thus he’s unfit for office? .. or is the news that this guy has been proven to be a sexual predator?? Very lame, very irresponsible and very shoddy reporting.. and most of us don’t even care to read beyond the headlines .. so he’s Done!

    Dont get me wrong, I fully support the #MeToo and the #Timesup movements .. But this is not remotely in the same hemisphere.. and even if he’s cleared of any wrongdoing or poor judgement 2 years down the road .. nobody will care .. and nobody will listen and nobody will retweet and it won’t be all over social media or the evening news (cause it’s not news worthy) .. all people will ever remember is that he was a rising star, then he was accused of sexual misconduct .. and that he is now flipping burgers at McDonald’s 😛

    The real story here is that the Liberal party was going to lose bad to the Conservatives in this upcoming election and these dug up stories from 10+ years ago however lame were likely dug up by the Liberals while fishing for dirt on Patrick Brown (in his hometown) cause they weren’t going to win any other way .. very lame, very dirty and very disappointing .. I wish our Premiere and her party spent their time doing what they’re being paid for which is governing and helping our province (in their remaining months) instead of allocating time and energy towards dirty politics .. cause they sucked for 4 years and they couldn’t handle losing fair and square in the upcoming election! Now that’s a much more real and more interesting story CTV .. Too bad Canada can’t afford any real reporters anymore 😛

    1. I agree with your every word, Sam. The way his own party was cheering when they announced Fideli as the interim leader, is a sign of what is wrong with them. How do you cheer for an interim leader under these circumstances. He didn’t earn his way. He was the replacement for reasons other than platform. This world is headed down a very dangerous path, where lies are believed based on how the media portrays it. Hopefully you enjoy some of my other posts. I want to get this site going based on covering controversial topics that are not biased by any means, but are rather based on what I feel at the time. Right now, I do not feel the media is doing a good enough job regarding integrity.

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